Ministry of Motor Transport of Turkmenistan

International Passenger Bus Terminal of Ashgabat

Inquiry Service:
+993(12) 44-35-35

Instructions on booking tickets online

If you want to book a place go in into 'Booking' section and enter the necessary information for reservation.

If you want to book only one way, choose 'One-way ticket', if you want to book two-ways, choose 'Return ticket'.
Indicate the departure point and destination point.
Indicate the date of departure. If you chose 'Return ticket' state the date of the return trip.
Choose the quantity of booking place and press on 'Next'.
Choose the necessary for you trip from the list on the screen. If you have chosen 'Return ticket' also indicate the return trip from the return trip list. For you to choose trip, put a “click” in front of the trip’s name and then click 'Next'.
You can choose the places on the bus. Enter the necessary information: Last name and name, document No., telephone number.
Enter the characters that you see at the bottom of the form.
Have a look with booking rules via internet and put a 'click' if you agree with the rules. Click on 'Reservation'.
Ministry of Motor Transport of Turkmenistan:
126, Archabil str., Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Tel.: +99(312)390320
Fax: +99(312)390320
Ashgabat Passenger Autotransport Production Enterprise:
1930 (Shors) Road, House 92, Ashgabat.
Tel.: +99(312) 76-01-48
Fax: +99(312) 76-01-48
Bus Terminal Contacts:
Admin Department: +99(312) 44-35-30
Inquiry Service: +99(312) 44-35-35
Dispatcher: +99(312) 44-35-31
Hotel: +99(312) 44-35-49