Ministry of Motor Transport of Turkmenistan

International Passenger Bus Terminal of Ashgabat

Inquiry Service:
+993(12) 44-35-35

Rules of booking tickets online

Booking a place for the bus, is possible within 7 days prior to departure of the bus, but not late than 1 day before departure from initial station.
Booking a trip is closed in 24 hours prior to departure.
Booking a trip is closed, if 40% of places are booked in the bus.
You can book full or child ticket, thus the tariff for child ticket contains 50% discount of full cost. In one booking is possible to form only 3 passing documents (tickets).
User can only have not much than two active orders of booking (if booking not bought or canceled). After forming two orders of booking then access to booking functions is blocked until the cancel or bought of one or more active orders.
Within the purposes of prevention of abusing users of booking service, access to this service is blocked at reaching of quantity of not bought orders of 60 % from total number of orders for last 60 days.
The reservation Repayment should be made in cash desks of the autoterminal not less than 24 hours prior to departure. When before departure there are less than 24 hours, reservation is automatically cancelled.
At purchase of the ticket the cashier has the rights to demand the document of identification of the passenger. At discrepancy of the data specified at booking with the data of the passenger, the cashier has the rights not to sell the ticket on given booking.
For correctness of instructions of requisites of a trip and the personal data of the passenger full responsibility is born by the person who is making out the order.
Ministry of Motor Transport of Turkmenistan:
126, Archabil str., Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Tel.: +99(312)390320
Fax: +99(312)390320
Ashgabat Passenger Autotransport Production Enterprise:
1930 (Shors) Road, House 92, Ashgabat.
Tel.: +99(312) 76-01-48
Fax: +99(312) 76-01-48
Bus Terminal Contacts:
Admin Department: +99(312) 44-35-30
Inquiry Service: +99(312) 44-35-35
Dispatcher: +99(312) 44-35-31
Hotel: +99(312) 44-35-49